What is a co-op?

A co-op is 

My child will not of age by August 31, can I still enroll him/her in the class?

It is up to the discretion of the teacher to enroll a child if they are developmentally able to participate in the class. The extended cut-off is October 15. We ask that you make a point to come to the summer playdates at Lions Park so that our teacher may meet your child and see her interact with other children.

Please be aware that the North Kitsap school district policy is that children must be 5 years of age by August 31st to enroll for kindergarten. Students can test for early entrance if born between Sept. 1 to Oct. 20.

Can I stay in the class every day?

Parents are always welcome to stay in class.

How will I know when I need to stay in the classroom?

A working schedule is created each month in which you sign up to volunteer in the classroom.

What will I do on the days I am in the classroom?

The parent-teacher roles are divided into 3 jobs; Snack Parent, Art Parent, and Playroom Parent. The working schedule has each job listed so you know in advance what you are expected to do that day. The Snack parent is expected to bring a small nutritious snack to share with the class.

What are the parent education meetings?

The monthly class allows parents to acquire additional skills and strategies through the education component of the co-op school approach. Parents gain a natural support group of other involved parents who have similarly aged children.

When are the parent education meetings?

We hold Parent Education meetings one or two times each month (depending on school enrollment) in the evenings, 6-9 pm.  You are required to attend one of the meetings.

Does my child need to be potty trained?

No. This is a challenging parenting issue for many of us. We do not require that your child be potty trained before enrolling in the preschool. We do have a policy in place for handling diaper changes and/or bathroom breaks.

Can I bring my other children into class on the day I am a parent-teacher?

Siblings are not allowed in the classroom during class time unless it is a special visit or pre-approved by the teacher. If you have other children at home you will need to make arrangements for childcare on your working days.

I have no daycare for my other child. Is there a babysitting program provided by the preschool?

No. In the past some parents have coordinated 'babysitting days'! There are quite a few families in our co-op with similar situations. Options for other siblings  and/or daycare needs: ask a friend, grandma, or dad, some child swap with another parent, some use an outside drop in daycare.

Am I required to participate in the fundraisers? Why do we need fundraisers?

We try to keep our fees low and we do so by supplementing our income with fundraising. If you do not choose to participate in a fundraiser you may chose to "buyout" and pay a fee. The board of directors votes on what fee will sufficiently make up the deficit.

Can I visit the school?

We have open houses in Winter and Spring before the following school year begins. After school begins, give us a call and we'd be happy to discuss with you about visiting a class in session with your child.

Can we meet the teacher before we enroll?

Yes! Our teacher, Sue Mangold, comes to the open houses at the preschool and the summer playdates at Lions Park. She is always happy to answer any specific questions you have.

What are the class sizes?

The Wiggleworm class has a maximum enrollment of 8 students, Bumblebees have a maximum of 12 students, and our Dragonfly class has a maximum enrollment of 15 students. 

What do I have to pay before class starts?

At the beginning of the year, we collect the enrollment fee, September’s tuition, and the quarterly tuition to Olympic College. You also have the option to pay half year or full year tuition.

How do I enroll my child?

Complete a registration form and pay the $40 registration fee. You may register online here, or bring your info and check to a summer playdate at Lions Park and give them to the registrar, or mail them to our P.O. Box.


Poulsbo Cooperative Preschool

P.O. Box 1853

Poulsbo, WA 98370

What are the Co-op membership requirements?

  • Parents/Guardians are required to partake in the following: 

  • Assist in the classroom two to five times a month (varies based on classroom enrollment).

  • Attend one parent program meeting per month conducted by a trained parent educator. 

  • Hold one position on the board or a committee.

  • Bring a nutritious snack on your snack day.

  • Participate in at least two school fundraisers per year.